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Current (Spring 2022) lab members


Name Department Major Education level Project topic Website
Vitaly Vitaly Ganusov Microbiology/Mathematics Physics/Biology Associate Professor All of the below + modeling Mycobacterium
tuberculosis dynamics
Go to site
Soumen Soumen Bera Microbiology Mathematics/Biology Post-doc T cells in malaria Go to site
Barun Barun Majumder Microbiology Physics Post-doc T cell motility in various tissues and lymphnodes. Quantifying T cell kinetics in killing of tumor cells.
Viktor Viktor Zenkov Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science
Computer Science Graduate T cells in malaria, attraction, tracks Go to site
Guilherme Guilherme Silva Mathematics Mathematical Biology Graduate T cell migration in mice / LNs
Joshua Joshua Lee Beaver Biology BCMB Undergraduate GFP spread in plants - Imaris
Garrett Garrett Dal Byrd Mathematics Mathematical Biology Undergraduate COVID19 modeling Go to site
Kailynn Kailynn Deck MABE Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Sporozoites in skin
Ed Ed Garcia-Chacon Microbiology Microbiology Undergraduate Quantitative spatial analysis of mycobacterium tuberculosis microscopic images
Anderson Anderson King Chemical and biomedical engineering Chemical engineering Undergraduate Sporozoites in skin
William William Leone Microbiology Microbiology Undergraduate Mtb dynamics in monkeys
Raymond Raymond Lin Biology BCMB Undergraduate Imaging data analysis with Imaris
John John Logan Maddox Mathematics Mathematics Undergraduate Influenza virus shedding
Joshua Joshua Miller Mathematics Mathematical Biology Undergraduate Viral spread in plants
Dhruv Dhruv Patel Biology BCMB Undergraduate CD8 T cells in the brain
Hannah Hannah Powers Microbiology Microbiology Undergraduate Mtb granulomas in rabbits
Haley Haley Savastano Microbiology Microbiology Undergraduate Replication clock 2 in Mtb
Melanie Melanie Trouse Mathematics Mathematical Biology Undergraduate Ecoli division time vs. length correlation


Some former lab members, visitors, etc.



If you are interested in joining our laboratory as a graduate student or a post-doc, let us know via email, vitaly (at) utk (dot) edu.


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