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SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (irregularly updated)
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  • Ganusov, V. V. (2016) Strong inference in mathematical modeling: a method for robust science in 21st century. Front Microbiol, 7: 1-10 [PDF]

  • Le D, J. D. Miller, and V. V. Ganusov (2015) Mathematical modeling provides kinetic details of the human immune response to vaccination. Front Cell Infect Microb, 4 177: 1-13 [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V.  and J. Auerbach (2014) Mathematical modeling reveals kinetics of lymphocyte recirculation in the whole organism. PLoS Comp Biol, 10, e1003 586 [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V., R. A. Neher, and A. S. Perelson (2013) Modeling viral escape from CTL responses. J Stat Phys [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V. and R. J. De Boer (2012) Explicit kinetic heterogeneity can explain BrdU labeling data J Roy Soc Interface [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V., N. Goonetilleke, M. Liu, G. Ferrari, A. McMichael, G. Shaw, P. Borrow, B. Korber, A. S. Perelson (2011) Fitness costs and diversity of CTL response determine the rate of CTL escape during the acute and chronic phases of HIV infection. J Virol 85(20):10518-28 [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V., J. M. A. Borghans, and R. J. De Boer (2010) Explicit kinetic heterogeneity: a new method for interpreting data from stable isotope labeling experiments PLoS Comput Biol 6(2): e1000666

  • Ganusov V. V. and R. J. De Boer (2008) Estimating in vivo death rates of targets due to CD8 T cell-mediated killing J Virol 82(23): 11749-57 [PDF]

  • Ganusov V. V. and R. J. De Boer (2007) Do most lymphocytes in humans really reside in the gut? Trends Immunol 28(12): 514-518

  • Ganusov V. V. (2007) Discriminating between different pathways of memory CD8+ T cell differentiation J Immunol 179(8): 5006-13

  • Ganusov V. V., D. Milutinovic and R. J. De Boer (2007) IL-2 regulates expansion of CD4+ T cell populations by affecting cell death: insights from modeling CFSE data J Immunol 179(2): 950-957

  • Ganusov V. V., S. S. Pilyugin, R. Ahmed, and R. Antia (2006) How does cross-reactive stimulation affect the longevity of CD8+ T cell memory? PLoS Comput Biol 2(6): e56

  • Antia R., V. V. Ganusov and R. Ahmed (2005) The role of models in understanding immunological memory. Nat Rev Immunol, 5: 101-11

  • Ganusov V. V. and R. Antia (2003) Trade-os and the evolution of virulence of microparasites: do details matter? Theor Pop Biol, 64: 211-220

  • Ganusov V. V., C. T. Bergstrom and R. Antia (2002) Within-host population dynamics and the evolution of microparasites in a heterogeneous host population. Evolution, 56(2): 213-223



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